Welcome to Kustom Kicks, on our opening day 1st July 2006.

Kustom Kicks is based in the heart of London, and has a small group of talented artists customising shoes using the highest quality materials available.

For a small fee, you can be wearing a pair of shoes like no other in the world.

All of our designs are original and you will be the only person wearing shoes like these.
Every pair of our customised trainers are painted by hand, not one pair of our shoes is made using a printing machine.

We use acetone and leather acrylic paints to make sure your Kustom Kicks are looking fresh, are long lasting, and have a quality feel about them.

The best thing about Kustom Kicks, is the price.
We are one of the most affordable custom trainer sites in the UK, offering high-quality customs for low prices.
Selling customs for us is the easiest way of supporting our passion for customising shoes, we are not out to make millions.

All payments are taken via Paypal, for your security, and ours.

As an opening offer to the fastest person to order, the first order will receive 10% off the price, which will be refunded via paypal after the order.

Peace out,

Dr Placebo – Kustom Kicks

IMPORTANT: On some pages of the site, you will see prices listed in Euro’s (€), whereas on others they are listed in Pounds (£). This is an error in the code, and is being worked on as we speak. Please note ALL prices are in GBP and will be charged as such. Thank you for your patience as this error is corrected.